Towards A Prescription


What Do We Know

Let's recap reality:
  1. Markets are efficient
  1. Luck not skill determines the outcomes in "loser's games"
  1. There are hard limits to investing returns regardless of how hard you try. You cannot "will" more from the market.

What Do We Do

The prescription:
  1. You should focus your time on areas where you can add value
  1. Don't make stupid mistakes
  1. You need a simple framework you can stick with
This wiki will focus on 2 and 3.
In the next section, we will discuss why to earn a return you must focus on its alter-ego. Risk. They cannot be separated.

(Improving your human capital only increases your top line. It also overlaps with your ability to reason better about investing. In that way, it is a lever. A force multiplier. I have the beginnings of a wiki built for that as well. I'd like to say "coming soon" but there's a lot to be added to this wiki first)